Greenwich Town Government

A List of Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The Greenwich Town Government is very active on the Internet and provides multiple resources. Here we present a list of the integral boards, commissions, committees, and elected officials.


Alarm Appeals Board
The Alarm Appeals Board consists of five members, who are available for residents who want to contest a false alarm charge.

Board of Assessment Appeals
Here you can find information on meetings, members, agendas and minutes and more on the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Board of Education
Meet the members of the town’s education board. 

Board of Estimate & Taxation
The Board of Estimate & Taxation is responsible for the proper administration of the financial affairs of the Town including the issuance of the annual recommended Budget and setting the Town tax mill rate. 

Board of Ethics
The Board of Ethics has five members, who are nominated by the Board of Selectmen and elected by the RTM. It is responsible for the Town’s ethics reporting system, investigating complaints of violations of the Code of Ethics and providing advisory opinions to Town officers upon request concerning the application of the Code to specific situations.

Board of Health
Members serve four-year terms commencing April 1st, are nominated by the Board of Selectmen and appointed by the Representative Town Meeting. 

Board of Human Services
The Department of Human Services operates under the policy direction of the Greenwich Board of Human Services.

Board of Parks & Recreation
Nominated by the Board of Selectmen and appointed by the Representative Town Meeting, this nine member advisory Board’s mission is to pursue and promote a standard of excellence in the development of comprehensive park systems and quality facilities which encourage diverse recreational opportunities and the preservation of natural resources. 

Board of Selectmen
The Board of Selectmen Office is the focal point of Greenwich town government. 

Building Code Board of Standards & Appeals
The board consists of five members appointed by the Representative Town Meeting on nomination by the Board of Selectmen to serve 5 years. 

Flood & Erosion Control Board
The Flood and Erosion Control Board was organized as a result of the adoption by the Representative Town Meeting on November 12, 1957 “An Act Establishing a Flood and Erosion Control Board in the Town of Greenwich” pursuant to the provisions of No. 377 of the Special Act of 1955. 

Nathaniel Witherell Board
Learn about the Nathaniel Witherell Board.

OPEB Trust Board
The OPEB Board is responsible for recommending the OPEB Trust Portfolio asset allocation and investment selection to the BET Investment Advisory Committee.

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals
The Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals (PZBA) is an administrative agency which acts in a quasi-judicial capacity, whose powers and duties are set forth in the Town Building Zone Regulations. 

Retirement Board
The Retirement Board serves as Trustee of the Town of Greenwich Retirement System, a trust fund established under Article 14 of the Town Charter to provide retirement allowances for employees of the Town.


Commission on Aging Board
The Commission on Aging Board consists of 7 members appointed by the Representative Town Meeting on nomination by the Board of Selectmen for terms of 3 years commencing April 1.

Condemnation Commission
The Condemnation Commission exercises all the powers and perform all the duties which were formerly confirmed or imposed by law upon the Town Highway Commission and upon the Sewer Commissioners in respect to the condemnation of land and the assessment of damages arising out of such condemnation of land, and in respect to the assessment of benefits arising out of the construction of highways and the construction or connection of sewers.

Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission consists of seven members and three alternatives appointed by the First Selectman. 

Harbor Management Commission
Here you can find meeting information and agendas and minutes for the Harbor Management Commission.

Historic District Commission
The Historic District Commission reviews proposed changes to structures and landscapes within the Historic Districts, provides the Planning and Zoning Commission with comments on applications and promotes the concept of preserving historic structures and landscapes in the Town.

Housing Authority
Since 1946, the Housing Authority has been committed to being an effective and successful producer, owner and manager of affordable housing options for seniors, families and individuals from various racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency
The Agency is a regulatory body authorized and required by Connecticut State Statute and created by local ordinance. 

Planning & Zoning Commission
The powers and duties of the Commission are defined in Special Act 469 of 1951, which defines the planning responsibilities, including the task of preparing a long-range plan for future development and recommendations for the most desirable use of the land within the Town. 

Shellfish Commission
The Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission is appointed by the First Selectman and has principal authority and responsibility for the Town’s significant shellfish resources.


Architectural Review Committee
The Architectural Review Committee evaluates all design proposals.

Energy Committee
The Town is committed to energy conservation and alternative energy solutions.

Greenwich Community Television (GCTV) Committee
GCTV’s mission is to provide Government town meetings as well as other informative and inspiring Greenwich related programming to residents. 

Open Space Plan Committee
Find information about the Open Space Plan Committee.

Parks & Recreation Employee Safety Committee
Learn about the Parks and Recreation Employee Safety Committee.

Safety & Health Committee
The purpose of the Town of Greenwich Safety and Health Committee is to bring employers and employees together in a non-adversarial, cooperative, and effective effort to promote safety and health at each work site. 

Selectmen’s Nominations Advisory Committee (SNAC)
Find information about the Nominations Advisory Committee.

Special Committees Appointed by First Selectman

Advisory Committee for People With Disabilities
The Committee’s vision is a community where everyone understands the importance of equal participation and full inclusion of all citizens.

Diversity Advisory Committee
Learn about the Diversity Advisory Committee. 

Economic Advisory Committee
View agendas and minutes for the Economic Advisory Committee.

First Selectman’s Youth Commission
The First Selectman’s Youth Commission of Greenwich provides an opportunity for high school age young people of the town of Greenwich to express their concerns and commitment to the community for the purpose of improving the quality of life for all youth. 

Greenwich High School Vestibule Building Committee

Greenwich Plaza Task Force

Re-Imagine Greenwich
The mission of the First Selectman’s Committee to Re-Imagine Greenwich is to determine ways to improve the experience residents and visitors have with our town business centers, in support of our local economy.

Sustainability Committee

Elected Officials

A civil constable’s primary responsibility is to be a process server – that is, to serve court papers, such as eviction notices and notices of lawsuits. 

Board of Assessment Appeals
Here you can find information on meetings, members, agendas and minutes and more on the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Board of Selectmen
First Selectman Fred Camillo, Selectwoman Laura Rabin and Selectwoman Jill Oberlander comprise the Board of Selectmen.

First Selectman
Fred Camillo is a lifelong Greenwich resident who graduated Greenwich High School in 1980. He recently resigned as State Representative for the 151st District, after serving 11 years and as Assistant Minority Leader. 

Justices of the Peace (PDF)
View a list of Justices of the Peace. 

Probate Judge
The Greenwich Probate Court was constituted by the General Assembly on July 4, 1853 and has served the people of Greenwich since that time.

Registrars of Voters
The Registrars maintain voter registration records and party enrollment records, publish lists of eligible voters, conduct a state-required canvass of all voters, and administer and oversee all elections, primaries and referenda in an accurate and impartial manner. They are also responsible for hiring and training over 200 official poll workers as well as maintaining all voting equipment used for the election.

Tax Collector
The primary function of the Tax Collector’s Office is to collect real estate taxes, personal property taxes, motor vehicle taxes and sewer construction assessments. 

Town Clerk
The Town Clerk’s office is the official State recording agency for the Town.