Connecticut Needs Environmental Leaders this November

As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” We know exactly where our candidates on both sides stand on the environment.

America is under siege from climate change. Unprecedented wildfires from the west coast are sending smoke all the way to our Connecticut shores, while slow-moving tropical storms are relentlessly marching across the Atlantic. As of Sept. 23, with more than two months left in hurricane season, the US has been hit by 23 named storms—double its long-term average for an entire season. As an Atlantic coastal community, Connecticut is on the frontlines.

That is why, with an election for the State House and Senate, we must choose environmental leaders. The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters gave Alex Kasser (Bergstein) a 100% score for 2019. Steve Meskers has been endorsed by both the Sierra Club as well as the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. However, none of the other candidates were in office at the time. So instead, we look at their statements and their votes in other offices to gauge their environmental commitment.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters gave Alex Kasser (Bergstein) a 100% score for 2019

Ryan Fazio’s (R) plans include a nuclear power plant in CT. Kim Fiorello (R) voiced opposition to reusable bag legislation and support for bringing fracking waste to Greenwich. Harry Arora’s (R) career in fossil fuel trading and his support for leaving the Paris Climate Accord make him an unlikely environmental champion.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters ranked 16 legislative environmental champions in 2019. It also singled out six legislators for being “out of sync” with the environment. This November, vote like the whole Earth depends on it.

Fiorello is no friend to the environment

Fazio wants to build you a nuke

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