Archived Articles from March 2021

How Well Are Greenwich Community Needs Being Addressed?

The Greenwich United Way recently completed its Needs Assessment 2020, which is a community-wide assessment of the human service needs and assets, designed to help make data-informed actions for the public good.

A Brief History of Zoning in Greenwich: Part I

This history reveals that Greenwich’s residential development was not merely the accident of individuals’ choices in the aggregate, but the product of conscious public policy decisions. This is the first of a three-part series from Nicholas Abbott.

The March RTM Call

The agenda, or “Call”, for the March 8, 2021 RTM meeting is comprised of 16 items affecting all areas of town governance. Those items are summarized below. To attend and participate in the full RTM meeting and the district and committee meetings, which are all public meetings.

Greenwich Sustainability Committee

Gardeners, environmentalists, cyclists and others interested in sustainability in Greenwich should consider joining the Greenwich Sustainability Committee (GSC).